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Opportunities for Training in Special Education

If you are interested in training in special education, Kenya Institute for Specialised Education (KISE) at Kasarani, Nairobi has comprehensive courses and facilities for this. You can take a residential training or if you are working, you can do distance learning. Kenyatta and Maseno University have degree programs in special education.
Educational Assessment and Resource Centres
Educational Assessment and Resource Centres are one stop shop where you can learn, get information, counseling and support for the disabled. Every district in Kenya has one Assessment Centre attached to District Education Office. Nairobi has three centers; KISE (Kasarani), St. Annes Primary School (Eastlands) and Kenyatta National Hospital.
The role of EARCs:
  • Identification and assessment of disabilities
  • Guidance and counseling of parents of children with special needs
  • Running courses for parents of children with Special Needs
  • Establishment of special needs units (special class) in regular schools
  • Making referrals of children with special needs to special schools, units, integrated programs or for medical examination and treatment.
  • Running seminars for teachers handling children with special needs, field officers, local administrators, health and social workers
  • Provision of hearing aids
  • Collection of information which forms the basis for central planning and special needs education survey research

If you have a child with disability or suspect has problems, please do not feel ashamed or lock them up in the house. Get help by going to your district education office. This will be your first step in helping your child live to their fullest.


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