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Best Practice Farming Techniques

Best practice farming techniques

Are you interested in learning which crops you should grow?

Are you looking to increase your farming productivity and income?

Do you want to know how to select the best seeds to plant?


Use this section to learn about best practice farming techniques.


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whether the selection of fertilizers as well as techniques including agricultural practices? because today's world can not be separated by agricultural fertilizers state
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Oh, of course I'm interested. I have a garden behind my home page, I'm happy if you want to share knowledge about plants and seeds.



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Interested in knowing what seeds to plant in Athi River (black cotton soils) 20 acres. best farming practice.
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Dear Terry,
Hi. KARI - Kenya Africultural Research Institution HQs on Waiyaki way can provide you with details on which crops can do well in your area. Through their website they have a question box where you can ask a question and they are good at responding. Here is a link to their question box. But you must first sign in to ask a question. As regards your question, here is a response they gave another person living in your region and I think it might be useful.

This question was asked by: Ms. Hellen Okemwa
Question asked:
Dear Kari team, please help me.I live in Kitengela (kajiado) which has black cotton soil and unreliable rains. I would like to know which types of trees / food Crops to grow in my small piece of land.Your advise will be highly appreciated.Thanks.Hellen

Plant Grevillia (shade tree), Calliandra (shrub for livestock feed), and dryland (Katumani) beans, cowpeas, and pigeon-peas (food crops); also watermelon (under drip irrigation). (courtesy KARI)

If you would like to have your soil tested, you can also contact KEPHIS - Kenya Plant Health Inspectorate Services - to find out about the quality of soil on your farm and the crops that can do well there.

Goodluck and feel free to contact us again. keep reading the Kenya Beehive.