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  • Marketing ideas (continued)

Marketing ideas (continued)

  1. Enlarge copies of any ads you buy and turn them into flyers for distribution in your area.
  2. Sponsor an event related to your business where all proceeds go to charity.
  3. Follow the news. Donate products or services when the community suffers a tragedy, budget crunch, or other challenge.
  4. Sponsor a local sports team or school.
  5. Look your customers in the eye.
  6. Have a firm handshake.
  7. Treat employees well -- customers notice high staff turnover.
  8. Bargain creatively for services you need from outside vendors.
  9. Always pass out two business cards when you meet someone -- one for that person and one for them to share with a friend.
  10. Contact membership coordinators at groups or associations that would benefit from your product or service. Offer members a discount.
  11. Create and maintain a good database of customers and prospects.
  12. Meet once a month with other non-competing small-business owners to brainstorm.
  13. Send your sociable staff members to networking events, especially if you're shy.
  14. When you join a professional organization, get involved on a committee to meet more people.
  15. Put a memorable sticker on your name tag at business events.
  16. Call five of your best customers and offer them a one-day special.
  17. Make your customers' phone experience pleasant. Use quick, helpful responses and appropriate on-hold music, and make sure there's a smile in your voice.
  18. Make it easy for customers to do business with you by publicizing your E-mail and Web addresses and phone and fax numbers.
  19. Promote your business at exhibit booths at flea markets, road races, and community events -- and don't forget the free samples!
  20. Ask a local storyteller, magician, or children's entertainer to perform for one hour every week, during a slow time, to generate traffic.
  21. Get involved in your city/town by participating in city/town cultural events.
  22. Collect information from your Web site visitors so you can stay in touch.


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