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Providing Safe Housing for your Poultry

In every community, there is a common way in which poultry are housed. A proper shelter protects them from:

  • Bad weather
  • Predators
  • Thieves

The houses also provide a place the hens can lay their eggs. This makes it easy to find the eggs and also ensures that the hens are not disturbed.

Infonet-Biovisioin provides these simple rules for housing your chickens safely:

  1. Use baskets for night shelter and day shelter for small chicks to reduce costs and labour involved
  2. Always use local materials to reduce costs
  3. Use wire netting for windows to keep out predators
  4. Prepare a pot or a basket where the hen can lay their eggs and place it inside the house
  5. Place perches and nests inside the house without making the chickens or hens cold
  6. Consider heavy rains and hot sun when placing the house or shelter
  7. Always house the young chicks with their mother away from other adults
  8. Make sure that the houses are easy to access and to clean water

Information Source: Infonet-Biovision, "Poultry: Chicken",


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